Grief Support

There is light at the end of the tunnel, the way out is through it.

– David Allen

Moments That Makes You is dedicated to meeting people where they are in their journey through the grief they have experienced. To benefit most people we have several options of ways for you to be able to do the work with a Grief Counselor. You have the option to work with one of our recent graduates who are in the mentoring program. This allows for a reduced cost of the work, while you are still receiving the best care in recovering from your grief.

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Meet Our Team

“Our mission is to use integrity, compassion, and wisdom
to support the grief recovery process.”

Grief Support Testimonials

Kim Sullivan, Branch Office Admin, EJ

“Before I met Cynthia I had no idea what a life coach was. I was raised to get on that hamster wheel and just go. That’s what I did. My feelings, sadness and happiness didn’t matter, as long as I knew everyone else was happy. When I met Cynthia she was so kind, caring and genuinely loving. For the love that she shared with me, I have no words. I could go on and on. Cynthia helped me to to stop, feel, to be loved, love yourself and it’s ok if you hurt. It’s not easy to look deep down inside of yourself, but when you have someone who cares about you and is willing to be there to catch you; it makes easier to go there…”

Brad May, PhD

“Cynthia Scanlon is one of the most talented counselors I know. Compassionate and empathetic, she has a number of ingenious and creative ways to help clients resolve their issue. I have enormous admiration and respect for her abilities.”

Ginger Adam Little, MFT

“I have enjoyed a personal and professional relationship with Cynthia for over 25 years. We have worked with numerous clients together. She has an incredible depth of knowledge in her field, an amazing intuitive ability as well as a caring, empathic bedside manner with the clients she works with.”

Randi Scheffler, Speech and Language Pathologist

“I am a grieving person. I wasn’t aware of how badly I was grieving until I began my work with Cynthia. Through the work I’ve done, with her gentle but invaluable guidance, I have come to unmask some of my deepest fears and identify some of the most impactful moments of sadness that I have experienced throughout my life.

However, this process has not been daunting in the way I thought it would at first. I have learned to use the tools (i.e., readings, graphs, acknowledgments, etc.) that she has shared with me to address my grief in a manner that empowers me.

I am truly grateful for the growth, acknowledgment, and enlightenment that this work with Cynthia has taught me.”

Susan Short, LLM

“OMGoodness… It is hard to put into words what it means to learn how to FEEL, especially when you will be 80 years old soon!! To finally feel yourself is an AWESOME feeling!”

Troy Rulmyr, Business Consultant

“I’ve been working with Cynthia for six months and the work we have done and the tools I have been given have taught me that there is no shame in grief. I’m evolving and my ability to work through grief is positively impacting every facet of my life! I highly recommend her and her team!”

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