“The work is designed to dissect where your grief is holding you back, support you to identify the negative beliefs that are not serving you, and give you new tools to reinvent yourself into a more whole and emotionally complete human being.”

– Cynthia Scanlon, Founder

Grief Counselor

One-on-one counseling with a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. Our program offers several options to support you to work with your grief. You may choose from some of the seasoned Specialists or work with a Specialist who is still in the mentoring program. This gives you options that work for you and your budget. Advanced students can hone their skills while being supervised by trained mentors. This allows you to make a choice that fits your needs.

Grief Support →

“Our vision is to guide people through grief and fear
to realize their true self.”

Myths About Grief

The definition of grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior. The pattern can be something simple like a toy we loved and lost as a child. When the child expressed their grief around the loss the child may have heard. . .

  • “Stop crying or I will give you something to cry about.”
    (Bury Your Feelings)
  • “Don’t worry I will buy you a new one.”
    (Replace The Loss)

  • “If you don’t stop crying I will send you to your room.”
    (Grieve Alone)
  • “You are overreacting, it’s just a toy.”
    (Don’t Trust)
  • “If you had been more careful with your toy, it wouldn’t have broken.”
    (Regret The Past)
  • “Oh, it isn’t a big deal! You will forget about it in no time.”
    (Give It Time)

Moments That Make You


The workbook has been designed to help you easily flow through the grief process. The material within supports a grieving person to see how and what they can do to work through grief and loss. The tools within the workbook are designed to ensure that the griever has the opportunity to work towards a more whole way of being.


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Tools and resources to support grief recovery.


Concise and clearly worded information that is accessible for anyone experiencing grief.

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and do things differently? Make life better for yourself and others? We are the Monsters, We are the Masters, is a heart warming story of one young girl’s courage to do that. It will inspire you to think and grow to make the moments of your future the best you can because you are aware of how precious moment is!


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Entertaining and Thrilling book


Face the things that are making you unhappy and get the courage to make the changes.

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