Grief Counselor Program

We are opening enrollment for the next Grief Counselor cohort.

August 28th through November 4th, 2024

Mondays from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM PST

“For a long time, we thought about the grief process in terms of linear stages, but almost all of the recent research actually refutes the idea that grief progresses in predictable sequenced stages.”

– BrenĂ© Brown

Grief Counseling Program

Our comprehensive program is designed to create a working knowledge to support the grief recovery process. Please reach out to learn more about how to get started. Training involves:


Working with a Grief Counselor by doing grief work.
(Minimum of 6 Months)


Three months of online weekly classes learning how to effectively guide people through grief.


Training with a certified Grief Mentor Trainer.
(Minimum 3 Months)

Our purpose is to create a safe space for people to learn from and process their grief and get better.

Testimonials for the Grief Counselor Program

Yvette Gwin, Grief Counselor; LMT

“Prior to this class all students have personally worked through this program as a client with Cynthia. In class we were guided to hone our skills one on one with a partner which allowed for both exchanges, being the client and being the guide. Cynthia then was able to use that experience as a teaching tool for the entire class. The steps in this Program gave me such a relief and comfort that learning and sharing this was a positive result.”

Rene Coffey, Grief Counselor; Vegan and Raw Food Life Coach

“This class was amazing! I learned so much about others as well as myself. Hands on teaching and client/practitioner practice sessions were great and super helpful. Cynthia is a wonderful, kind and genuine person which makes her teaching style unique and puts you at ease to show up curious and learn to support others.”

Sarah Gruver, Grief Counselor; ESRM

“Cynthia’s class was incredible!
She has enthusiasm for grief It sounds strange to say, however after using these tools with my clients and seeing their dramatic changes in them I have also become enthusiastic about grief.
This is a game changer method
For you and for your clients “

Jamina Welser, Grief Counselor; BA

“The Grief Counselor course teaches you more than techniques to support your clients. It teaches you how it feels to be on the receiving side as a client, how to be an empathic listener, and how to help your clients navigate the challenges that come with healing. Cynthia teaches with passion and skill. Fantastic course. “

Aaron McDaniels, Business Owner

“Cynthia has a natural way of empathizing with others and helping them to feel heard. Thankfully she is also aware and has been able to identify the skills she is using and was able to pass along her methods and techniques in a well designed class. I was also moved by the quality of people that Cynthia chose to bring on as mentors and guides. I enjoyed working in one on one practice sessions, and deep group discussions. I am grateful to have been part of such a selfless, giving community for 12 weeks. “

Natalie Lehmann, Grief Counselor; LAc. MAOM

“This class taught me how to observe how a person talks and gave a glimpse into NLP. I have learned how to listen; effectively ask questions; and guide people, not direct them. It has been a life-changing experience. I now view the world through lenses of compassion knowing we all have a story.”

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