Cynthia Scanlon

My educational journey led me through California State University of Northridge and California Lutheran University, where I immersed myself in learning. For the majority of my professional life, I found fulfillment in teaching within the public school system. Over time, however, I discovered a deep-seated passion for supporting others through grief work. This transformative path not only enriched me spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically but also inspired me to pursue certifications from esteemed institutions like the Grief Recovery Institute and Peal and Associates in Santa Barbara.

Combining my background in psychology with these certifications, I crafted my own approach to grief work and body-mind modalities, aiming to empower individuals to reach their fullest potential. Sharing this passion, I’ve also taken on the role of training others in this vital work. Every moment spent supporting others on their journey to authenticity fills me with gratitude and a profound sense of privilege. I am eager to accompany you on your quest to discover your true self.

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Yvette Gwin

With 30 years of experience as an integrative bodyworker, Yvette specialized in the Body/Mind Connection, providing holistic wellness solutions. She has successfully owned and developed a product line designed to enhance wellness and comfort. Additionally, she is a certified Moments That Make You Grief Counselor and Mentor, offering compassionate support and guidance through the grieving process.

Yvette’s personal experience with grief and loss, and how Moments That Make You has profoundly impacted her, to add depth and genuineness to her journey. It’s clear that this program has been transformative for her, providing not just temporary relief, but a lasting antidote to address the inner pain and find healing. Her passion to help others navigate their grief journey and discover these tools is truly inspiring.
As a guide and mentor, she brings a unique perspective and understanding that can deeply resonate with those who are struggling with loss. Her commitment to supporting others through their grief and helping them embrace these tools for lasting recovery is commendable. Her desire is to assist you in furthering your progress and to give support in their immediate cause of grief.

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