Moments That Make You -Kenya has begun a project in reaching out through grief counseling, to the poverty-ridden community-based Organization of Kangurue (Kayole)  at a shelter called Toto Angel Centre. We counsel children from the age of 5-14 years who are grieving because they are Orphans, abused, neglected, abandoned by their parents on the streets, and vulnerable to HIV. The home also reintegrates the children back into their families (extended) to give them a chance to grow in a family. The children undergo a lot of grief in their short lives and Moments That Make You counseling tools are being applied to help them find healing and a hopeful future. We also grant Counseling to the young generation above teens to 25 years in the community surrounding the center and in the city of Nairobi.
MTMY will be offering Grief Counseling Classes and Certification coming late 2024 or early 2025!


Team Bios

Victor Theuri

“Having experienced grief in my life I could only deal with that using beliefs that did not serve me well. After being able to work with  Moments That Make You grief counselor, I have been able to overcome my grief and learned tools that would help in small steps to have a better today and tomorrow. This work has profoundly affected my life since I started helping at an orphanage here in Kenya. The joy and fulfillment that came from giving these children a place to be safe, share their feelings, and be safe enough to share their grief has been a huge gift and an honor with this work and MYMY would like to build a foundation that can train others to do this work.”

• Worked in the corporate world doing banking and accounting for 20 years

• Was an entrepreneur for a Design and Branding company

• Executive Director of MTMY 

• Graduated from KEMU University with a BA in Business Administration Finance and Accounting.

• Graduated from KSMS(Monetary school) with Banking and other Financial services.

Martin Ndegwa

“I’m Super delighted to be a part of Moments That Make You especially because of the great work we do in helping and changing lives for the better to those who are grieving. At  MTMY , I have been privileged to do graphical works, website design, search engine optimization, book publishing, web troubleshooting, and much more. MTMY, has given me the flexibility to do any work that is in the scope of my expertise to anyone that may require these services.”

•Worked in the Media industry doing Motion graphics, 3d, Web design & video  for 4yrs

•Worked in an Architectural firm for 7 years doing Interior design & Draftsmanship for Architectural drawings.

•Operated a Printing and Branding Business

•Technical Director MTMY.

•Graduated From BIFA (Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts) where I studied Graphics, Art and design and Majored in Interior Design.

•Studied at Shangtao Media School; where I learned 3d Design, Website design, Motion Graphics and Arch Viz.


Cynthia Scanlon, Founder MTMY

Having  Victor working with us has been a blessing and a privilege. His attention to detail and efficiently making sure every client is taken care of is spectacular. During the year it was clear Victor had the heart to do the grief work. By spring of 2024, he will be completely trained and certified to be a Grief Counselor. During the 2023 year, he has reached out to orphanages in the Nairobi area. Our mission is to have a branch there training others to do this work by late 2024-early 2025.  His work there with the children has been inspiring and shows his love and dedication to helping others with this work. We hope to bring the tools to many there in Kenya to help many more heal from their past wounds and grief. 

Cynthia Scanlon, Founder MTMY

Martin was brought on MTMY TEAM  in mid 2023. His technical acumen is incredible. His attention to your needs for anything from website creation, SEO for your business to be successful, to Amazon support for your books etc, is phenomenal. His eye for graphicS and color is amazing. He brings honesty and integrity to an industry that needs those qualities desperately! He’s now a permanent part of the MTMY team, while he continues to work as an independent contractor. I can’t recommend him enough if  you have needs in the digital world for your business.

Jonathan Tuyishime, Toto Angel Center

“Finding the right support during episodes of trauma is paramount, and Victor has exceeded that expectation by displaying exceptional understanding of children dealing with grief. Thank you for your invaluable expertise”